Best Places to Work Remotely in London

Best places to work remotely in London? Our guide explores the best places in the city to work remotely. 

When it comes to working remotely, usually the first priority is to figure out where to work from. Not all of us have the luxury of always being able to work from home all day, every day. With this in mind, here is our guide to the best potential places to work remotely in London.

Your Own Flat

Obviously this is not always a viable option for everyone. Noisy flatmates, noisy family, combined with too many distractions, or just not enough space- are all obstacles to working from home.

 But if you can, choosing the right place to not only live, but work as well, can mean you are able to combine quality living and working together in one place.

This is why we love evolved co-living. Beautifully-designed private flats in a variety of sizes and types, means you can opt for a studio (no distractions when working from home), or something a little bigger, with more space to create your own working nook or space. For couples, two bedroom flats are great when working from home, because you have an extra room to create an office if you need one. 

Co-working spaces

With almost 12 million square feet of co-working space, London has plenty of great places to work for everyone. Whether proximity to home is the most important factor, or style of working space, or the vibe- it can all be found amongst London’s many, many co-working offices. 

Co-working spaces are great for combining the best things about an office- think coffee machine, time and opportunity to interact with others, collaboration with others whether colleagues or not, plus the office set up, the equipment, great wi-fi and designated working spaces and meeting rooms. 

If you can find somewhere to live, with it’s own co-working space, then you can eliminate a daily commute also. Evolved co-living complexes also often incorporate co-working spaces within their buildings, or compounds, and truly bring together working and living in one location.

A Coffee Shop

The past 18 months have not been the best time to opt for working from a coffee shop. But when some degree of normality returns, remote working is likely here to stay, and so the option of working remotely, but from a coffee shop or similar space, is likely to return again. 

Working from a coffee shop is not for everyone. For someone who thrives off noise, and the coming and going of people all day, so it can be a great place to access wifi, great coffee and somewhere warm, and cozy to work. It can also be a great place to work with a smaller group, or team. 

Whether you prefer your local coffee shop around the corner, or you are prepared to travel somewhere to a little further afield to get the best fit, London is full of coffee shops of all sizes, and atmospheres, for working remotely.*

*As and when COVID regulations allow. 


With over 40% of London actually being green space, working outdoors is one possible option on nicer weather days, British rain permitting. Ok, it’s probably not the best option for working remotely long term- chances are the wifi is patchy, the glare from the sun on your screen is not going to be conducive to your best work but there are so many benefits from being outside- from the fresh air, to the exposure to Vitamin D, to reconnecting with nature, that maybe a day a week, or even a few hours once a week, working outdoors is a remote working option from time to time.

Working outdoors is also a great opportunity right now to connect with colleagues in a safe way- whether it’s for actual work or team building. 

Working remotely is a new way of working for many of us. And chances are even post pandemic, we are all going to be working remotely, at least for some of the week. Being creative with how and where we work is going to remain a large part of our working futures. Making the most of what London has to offer in terms of different and unique working spaces is crucial.

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