Brand Partnership: LightBox

We are excited to announce one of our latest partnerships, involving LightBox in Poland.

Their fresh, balanced, and delivered to your door meals, are perfect not only for when you don't want to cook, but also for maintaining a balance, healthy diet too.

Sometimes we all need a little push, when it comes to eating healthier, especially when it comes to food deliveries. 

We love how the LightBox meals can be tailored to your specific dietary meals. They can be planned according to dietary, allergy or calorie requirements, making them great for everyone. If there are several of you in the same household with different dietary needs, LightBox can cater for everyone. All of their meals are planned by a dietician and then prepared by a professional chef. They even come recommended by the Polish Food and Nutrition Institute. All of this combined with free delivery to your home or office, makes LightBox the best choice for delivered, balanced and delicious meals. 

As part of our partnership, all Vonderers get 10% of their orders. 

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