International Day of Women in Science: 11th of February, 2021

This month in celebration of International Day of Women and Girls in Science (on the 11th of February), we showcase the lives and work of some of the 20th centuries most influential women in science and technology.

Too often, the stories and achievements of women in science go untold. We aim to correct that with the following spotlight on their lives and work. 

We look first at 3 incredible women in science. In 1961 Dorothy Vaughan, Katherine Goble and Mary Jackson, were working in the segregated coloured women's Area Computing unit in NASA. Working on issues such as flight research and mathematical engineering problems in space task groups, the hard work of these women eventually allowed NASA to reach the moon. You can watch this incredible story in the biopic film ‘Hidden figures’ on Amazon Prime.


Hidden Figures - the movie based on the women computers of NASA.

Up next we take a look at the pioneering work of Marie Curie. As a two time Nobel prize winter, Marie Curie discovered the radioactive elements, radium and polonium. Both of these elements are now used in cancer treatments. Marie ultimately dedicated her life to advancing her scientific work, and died from aplastic anemia caused by her constant exposure to radioactivity in her work. 


Marie Curie in her Laboratory. Image sourced from the Life Picture Collection by Getty Images.

Today, there are many women advancing the field of scientific research and discovery. Professor Sarah Gilbert, as one example, leads a research team at Oxford University, who developed the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine. Created in just several weeks, Professor Gilbert credits the process to a series of small steps rather than a single, big discovery moment. 


Professor Sarah Gilbert. Image sourced from the BBC.

There is much still to be done to ensure that we are celebrating the scientific achievements of women around the globe, both those from history and those working today. 

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