International Women's Day: March 2021

Because we believe every day should be spent in celebration of women, we are using this month to place a spotlight on some incredibly inspiring women from all around the world. 

In the arts

Amanda Gorman

Amanda Gorman, the first US national youth poet laureate and presidential inauguration poet, reminds us of the importance of support for the arts, and now more than ever. Amanda Gorman’s commitment to correcting racial and social inequality and injustice, through her work, is a reminder to all of us of the importance of using our voices, and our talents, for a greater cause. She is also a reminder, that age is no impediment to making a difference. 

In Amanda’s own works, from her inaugural day poem The Hill We Climb, “When day comes we ask ourselves, where can we find light in this never-ending shade?’ Amanda Gorman is just one example of this light in the dark, and her journey to where she stands now is an inspiration to all of us. 

In science

Dr. Kizzmeika Corbett

Dr. Corbett, has been a key figure in the US government’s response to the corona pandemic and its support in helping to develop the vaccine too. As one of the National Institute of Health's leading scientists, Dr. Kizzy Corbett worked closely with Modern in their development of an mRNA vaccine. Her work and role in helping bring about the development  of this particular vaccine has seen her work recognized and celebrated around the world, bringing to the forefront not only the role of women in science, but the role of African American women too. 

In government

Jacinda Arden

Jacinda Arden, the 40th prime minister of New Zealand, has been praised for her response to and handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Measures put in place early on have kept cases low in this island state, and the country has managed to avoid long national lockdowns as a result. Jacinda Arden, who has been in politics since 2008, represents a growing breed of politicians committed to addressing important social issues within their own countries, particularly a housing affordability crisis, child poverty, and social inequality. Jacinda Ardern has also been a tremendous role model for working mothers the world over, as the first global leader to give birth in office in over 30 years. 

In environmental protection

Rachel Kyte

Rachel Kyte, CEO and Special Representative to the UN Secretary-General of Sustainable Energy for All, as an environmental activist she also Co-Chairs UN-Energy. As one of the leading diplomats committed to environmental sustainability, Rachel Kyte’s work is central to the achievement of the 2030 sustainable goals, committed to ensuring universal access, efficiency and sustainability of energy. She is someone making a real difference, at a very high level, as we strive for greater environmental sustainability and protection. 

In business

Alice Bentinck

Alice Bentinck, is a British entrepreneur who co-founded Entrepreneur First, a company builder and startup accelerator. They offer support for individuals looking to establish and grow their own startups. Based in both London and Singapore, in its first four years, Alice Bentinck’s startup accelerator helped establish 75 startups valued together at over $450 million. Alice Bentinck also co-founded Code First: Girls which aims to get more girls interested in the tech world by offering free web programming cures to girls at university studying arts courses. This commitment to correcting the gender imbalance, in a very male dominated tech world, highlights the importance of inspiring women in business, who also are committed to making changes. 

At Vonder we believe in equality. We are inspired daily by everyone in our community, and we are committed to building a more socially fair world to benefit everyone.

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