Spend a day in Warsaw

We are super excited to share our favourite things to do in Warsaw over the course of a day. 

*COVID regulations permitting, of course.

Warsaw is a great city to call home. Long popular with tourists and international travelers, due to its relatively low cost of living, history, and art and culture, this European city is increasingly emerging as one of THE best places to be in Europe. 

We take a look at why this is, and how we would spend 24 hours in the city. 


For really great food from their international menu (made with local produce), we recommend Future & Wine, on 12 Muranów. Come for lunch, or dinner, or choose to stay late into night for drinks. 

For a real taste of everything that Warsaw has to offer, in terms of food and atmosphere, the night market on the western side of the city’s Vistula river is a great place to spend a weekend evening. Combine live music, DJ, old school fair games, and a lot of different food booths offering food from all around the world. At the same time enjoy a drink from the few bars found amongst the food stalls. This is a great place to experience the vibrancy of Warsaw, and celebrate its growing internationalism at the same time. 

Looking to experience some authentic Polish food? Check out one of the polish cooking workshops from Polish Your Cooking. From Pierogi and Pyzy, spend a busy 4-5 hours learning the in’s and out’s of Polish cuisine, complete with tastings, and a full history of this tasty and filling food. Roll up your sleeves, and get hands on with cooking some of Poland’s most well known and classic dishes. 

Art & Culture

Like many cities in Europe, Warsaw has a fascinating, sometimes troubled history, and there are still plenty of sites around the city where it’s history can be explored. 

The King’s Castle (Zamek Królewski) is home to one of the city’s most diverse art collections. The castle, in itself, is worth the visit. Built in the 15th century for Masovian princes, it was also once the seat of the Polish King and government. Although completely destroyed during the 2nd World War, it was completely rebuilt between 1971 and 1988. 

Opened on the 60th anniversary of the Warsaw anniversary, the Warsaw Uprising Museum, was built in remembrance of those who fought for the freedom of this occupied city during WW2. Worth see’s include its multimedia exhibition exploring the lives of those in occupied Poland, and what followed under Communist rule. From here it is just a short distance to Freedom Park, and Memorial Wall, which commemorates the 10,000 lost in the battle for Warsaw’s freedom. 


New to the city, and looking for a way to explore its nightlife but have no idea where to start? We recommend joining one of the Walking Parrot Pub Crawls with an open bar. This 3-4 hour tour includes a shot in every bar, plus an hour of unlimited beer included. It’s a great way to skip the lines and get VIP entry to some of Warsaw's most popular and favourite bars. 

There is so much that is great about Warsaw, and a day is not enough time to explore all of what it has to offer. We are incredibly excited about how great a place this is to call home.

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