The Benefits of Renting a Studio Flat, in London.

We take a closer look at some of the pros of calling a studio flat home, in London. 

Sometimes less is more. This applies to choosing a place to live also. And in this instance the biggest pro when it comes to renting a studio flat is the fact that it means less space. That’s right, less is more. 

Why is less space a good thing when it comes to renting a studio flat in London?

A smaller home means that  there is less to clean, and keep tidy. This is a huge advantage for those with busy lives, or those who would much rather be doing anything than cleaning. 

A smaller space encourages you to embrace a more minimalist lifestyle. This also ultimately means a lifestyle that is more committed to sustainability. The less space you have to store things, the less you can buy. Before buying something new you have to think, where will this go, is there space for it, and with a smaller living studio, the answer will be no, more often than it is yet. This is good for your budget, and the environment. 

A smaller living space is more cosy, it can be personalised and made your own much quicker than a larger space can. It is also easier to keep warm in the winter, and keep cool in the summer. Reduced heating and cooling costs are also big pluses when it comes to running a home that is more environmentally friendly. 

Sometimes opting for a smaller space, like a studio flat, means you can choose to live in a better location. This might mean putting you closer to work, or in a more centrally located area. It might mean you have to travel less to get where you want and need to be. 

Why a studio and co-living are the perfect combination

When it comes to co-living, a studio is often a good idea. Why? Because the lack of space at home doesn’t need to affect your social life or the quality of your life when you choose a co-living environment. 

Co-living communal spaces and facilities are an extension of your home. This makes the choice of a studio flat a good fit for many people, who are looking for hassle-free living, and a great place to call home, without the work involved in maintaining a large or larger home.

Evolved co-living complexes often include co-working spaces, as well as communal spaces ranging from rooftops, gardens, gyms, to private cinemas and game rooms. Socialising can happen at home, just not necessarily in-home. 

At Vonder we have some great, beautifully designed studio flats, across a range of co-living in London locations. They epitomise all of the benefits of renting a studio in London. 

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