The Rising Value of Co-working Spaces

With so many of us now working from home, co-living and co-working spaces are more valued than ever before.

2020 saw an unprecedented number of people move to remote work. A global study by Gartner, found that 88% of organizations surveyed had moved their employees to work from home positions in 2020. 

Working remotely has plenty of benefits for employees and employers alike: from cost savings for employers, to greater flexibility for employees. However most people, in 2020, found themselves suddenly plunged into a work from home situation, without much time to prepare an optimum in-home working space or environment. Many people found themselves scrambling to create in-home offices, or to find any space they could spare to carve out a working area at home. 

For some people this worked out great, but for others, with flat mates or other distractions at home, the switch to working from an office to at home, posed many challenges, including unnecessary distractions and disturbances that interrupt productivity and the ability to do your job. For many, the transition to remote work was not a smooth one. 

So as more and more people transition to working remotely, either because they make the choice too, or because of a decision made by their employer- there is an increased demand for quality co-working spaces that combine the best things about an office environment, while still retaining some of the benefits of working from home. 

Co-working spaces where you live, are even more in demand as they eliminate the need for a daily commute, are generally more relaxed than your typical office, so include basically all of the pros that make working from home so great; while at the same time they include the great things about an office environment- the better Wi-Fi, the carefully designed working spaces and rooms, the coffee machine, the collaboration with others. It is an improvement on working balanced on the bed, or sharing working spaces with flatmates. 

Co-living complexes, have the added benefit of co-working spaces on site, for people who need or choose to work remotely, for whatever reason. It means there is always somewhere to work that includes all the benefits of an office, combined with what makes working from home so great as well. The best of both worlds under one roof. 

Co-living understands the importance of mixed use developments, which bring together great housing and working spaces, and provide flexibility in how people choose to live and work. Pandemic or not. 

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